Top 3 Over the Counter Acne Treatments

There are several ways on how you can treat acne. You can consult a skin care specialist. Rely on natural acne treatments or you can buy an over the counter acne solution for your blemishes. Among these three options, a lot of acne victims usually choose to buy a non-prescription medication for their unsightly bumps. Compared to natural acne remedies OTC treatments for acne are easier to use and are very accessible.  Over the past years, I have tried and researched several acne treatments and these are my top three in no particular order.

Proactive is one of the leading brands in acne care. It offers a complete line of acne treatment that will not only help you treat acne but also prevent the formation of these blemishes. It has received five-star ratings in proactive reviews and a lot of users are satisfied with the results that they get from this acne system. Proactive boasts about its unique system that only uses a low concentration of benzoyl peroxide. We all know that benzoyl peroxide, when administered in high doses can cause peeling and flaking. By reducing the benzoyl peroxide content in the product, proactive allows you to treat acne with a lower risk of side effects.

The Neutrogena skin id is also deserves a spot in my top 3 acne treatments. Unlike its competitors, the Neutrogena skin id line is quite new. What I love about this acne system is that it allows you to choose your acne treatments according to your skin type. When you order an acne kit, you should first answer a form that consists of questions that will describe your skin type. Based on your answers, the system will choose which acne treatments will suit your skin. That way you will know the best acne treatment that will help you solve your problems with acne.

Finally, there are the exposed skin care products. This revolutionary system for acne uses natural botanical extracts in combination with active chemical elements to help you cure acne safely and effectively. This acne system has received spotless exposed reviews from its users. It is safe to use on all skin types and there are no risk of side effects, whatsoever. As a matter of fact it is so safe that even babies can use this acne system.

So there you have it. These are my top three acne treatments. If you want to get out from the bondage of acne, you really should check these out.